Coexistence and Cooperation

The Ashram aims to offer to all visitors an environment of tranquility, appropriate for introspection, for diving inwards and for listening what emerges from the depths of the heart. This Ashram is a sacred place, with an atmosphere conducive to silence and stillness. 

The purpose is to be in retreat, so the rules outlined below are meant to help all visitors maintain and contribute to this precious environment.

Communication and electronic devices

  • Use of electronic devices is not allowed. 
  • If you bring your devices, they should be delivered on arrival / reception, and they will be returned on check-out / end of the retreat. 
  • We suggest you to warn family and friends that you will be in retreat during this period and therefore off-line, without communication. Here mobile signal is weak / unstable, so we suggest warning them before arriving at the Ashram. 
  • In case of emergency, your family can contact you through the Ashram contact numbers and we will deliver message.
  • External telephone emergency calls can be answered only from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.



Office hours

  • Ashram reception hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 
  • Retreat day begins at 2:30 PM and finishes at 2:00 PM.


Conduct at the Ashram

  • Participation in any Ashram activity is not mandatory. 
  • Observe billboards and timing of activities.
  • Arrive early, five minutes before starting – after activity begins, entry is not allowed.
  • Please remain until the end of activities, so not to disturb other participants. 
  • Silence must be observed in areas so designated, and also during meals. 
  • Respect silence, curfew and lights off timings. 
  • Try to remain silent, keeping an introspective attitude, avoiding "worldly" affairs and gossip. 
  • Whenever possible, use a low tone of voice and friendly, in case of any problems or questions please speak to those responsible. 
  • Mutual respect, tolerance and patience should be cultivated during your stay in Ashram. 
  • Avoid intimate contact during your stay in ashram 
  • Avoid running or strenuous exercise, or getting too much sun, especially in warmer times. 
  • It is not allowed to bring food or consume alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or any stimulant. 
  • Do not feed local animals. 


Use of Facilities

  • The materials belonging to the Ashram should always be returned to its appropriate place after use.
  • It is forbidden to take any object or material Ashram (mats, pillows, comforters, etc.) outside their place of use. 
  • Please keep all places in perfect order and hygiene. 
  • Mind some restricted areas, as residents’ dorms and staff dependencies
  • Respect hours of usage of common areas: dining room (breakfast, lunch and dinner); practices and reception room. 
  • Dormitories are segregated by gender, please respect. 
  • Visitors must not leave the Ashram area – if needed, please request permission to leave.
  • For outdoor hiking, stay within the specified area. 


Dress code

  • Use simple clothes, muted colors, warming, conducive to the season – preferably cotton or natural fiber material (avoiding synthetic materials). 
  • Bring enough clothes for your complete stay, as there are limited facilities available to wash clothes. 
  • Tips for women: avoid transparent, sticky clothes (outside the yoga practice room) and fancy. 
  • Tips for men: do not stay bare-chested


To prepare for your stay in the Ashram check also what to bring. If you have any doubt please contact us.



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