Prepare Your Stay With Us

What to bring

  • Bath towel 
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Flip-flops and / or shoes that are easy to put and take off -- for respect and cleanliness we always remove shoes upon entering and leaving reception, rooms, halls and bathrooms
  • In winter it is cold, mountain climate, so bring warm clothes and socks; in summer it is very hot, bring lighter clothes for the day, and light sweaters for evening and morning, since it gets cool / fresh
  • Clothes to practice yoga (read below about dress code)
  • Umbrella or raincoat – rainy season here goes from November thru March, and during the rest of the year expect only sparse periods of rain
  • Flashlight (batteries or rechargeable)
  • Any medication of continuous use
  • Any other material of personal use, as we are away from the city



What not to bring

  • Bed linen (we provide sheets, pillow, pillow case and blanket)
  • Do not bring clothes that are noisy, of artificial or synthetic fabric (read more below about dress code)
  • Do not use or bring anything with perfumes and strong smell (like deodorant, moisturizing, incenses, or alike)
  • Do not bring any type of food – meals offered here are appropriate to all practices
  • Do not bring or use tobacco, drugs or stimulants that causes changes in brain activity – smoking is prohibited in Ashram (except for medicine of continuous use prescribed by doctors)

Please also read our Rules of Conduct

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