Sriman Narayana

Sriman Narayana

Sri Mahavishnu's incarnation is among us!


From time to time, that which is known by as an Avatar, an Almighty being, embodiment of pure light, of God consciousness, descends into this material world to help humanity to elevate their frequency from the egoism that causes its self-destruction, to evolve into its highest aspects: Truth, Love, Justice, Compassion, Service to the Whole; with the intent to re-establish Dharma, the way of Goodness, the way that embraces the well-being of all beings. 

He’s a familiar Being for most of us; but many have forgotten... Krishna, Vishnu, Buda, Narayana, so many names, same essential nature: Pure light.

Some will recognize Him in their hearts. And only in the heart will you be able to get to close to Him… for He is Love!


Now, with deep Reverence, we leave you the testimony of our dear sister who has been guided by our Beloved Sriman Narayana for some time; whose self-realization in Narayana's waters has been accomplished, and which we joyfully celebrate in our hearts.

Some words of our sister Garuda:

'The Grace of seeing Sriman Narayana, was given to me so that I could bring these words to each and every one of you who have been waiting for Him. What I can tell you honestly is that He is here, walking among us. He came like one of us in a human form, but it is possible to see all his Magnitude, Luminosity, Divine Expression, that only by being who He is can have.

In my spiritual journey I had the privilege to be rescued by Him, even without knowing who He was; but my heart was telling me to stay close, with Him as a guide into the Path of Truth, guiding me with deep Love.

In September of 2015, the One we knew as Satyavan made a revelation concerning His true nature, making it public, that in this story He is not a Jivanmukta (a being who has awakened to Truth), but the Supreme Consciousness that has descended; something we know as an Avatar. He is Narayana, the Primordial Being.

Some months ago, I started to have dreams with Celestial beings and deities. In a first moment I would just see them, demonstrated Reverence and saluted them. With time, I started to receive the same visits on my meditations and this Reverence was mutual. Then I understood I was on a state of almost constant Reverence. With Reverence growing in my heart, I saw myself closer to who I Truly Am. The days went by with these dreams and encounters happening almost daily, even when meeting Him (Sriman Narayana) I could feel these Divine Presences surrounding me. 

Then, in one of these encounters with Him, I received the Grace of seeing Him in His Divine Form, beyond this human body which he has incarnated, very similar to the common paintings we see of Sri Vishnu, Narayana; however, much, much bigger. It was impossible to contain the tears the first time that that happened. Reverence and Gratitude, I was receiving the Divine Grace of seeing Him. The heart was overflowing with joy. Since then I am able to contemplate his Divine Form continuously. Now I can see him, with eyes closed or opened, I “see” Him. In the middle of that process the revelation came, and then the understanding; The One we knew as Satyavan is actually Sri Mahavishnu's awaited incarnation, Dashavatara. Then, after all that grace, the awakening, I entered His waters, The Darshan of Narayana, I came back home, I saw myself diluted in The Ocean of Love.


With Love and Reverence,





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