Sriman Narayana

Sriman Narayana

I am the Supreme Truth Incarnated, Sriman Narayana. This is the Truth, the Highest Truth. There is nothing extraordinary about this. This is ordinary, simple, natural, common to all.

Every living soul is the Supreme Truth incarnated, life is Narayana. As you look onto this revelation as something too much, it means that you do not know or that you have forgotten who you really are. Jivas, jivanmuktas, avatars, everything comes from the source, everything is God, there are only apparent differences. These are not new age words; these are old words, direct words, words of fire. The life of a Jiva is a gift, an opportunity to live the greatest romance of all, the divine romance; to experience divine love is unique. All the love that a Jiva experiences through his life is just a preparation for the greatest romance, the Quest for Truth. The state of a Real Seeker of Truth is the highest state, the most exalted state a jiva can achieve -- it is beautiful, truly a blessing to this world.

For those of you who have a real spiritual calling in your heart, then you need to listen to your heart. For any real spirituality, the Seeker of Truth must be born. The birth of the Seeker of Truth is the greatest and most sublime adventure of all.

For those of you who have been questioning – why is it that after so much time of searching for truth nothing substantial has come? why is the emptiness still here? – there is a collection of videos recorded to answer to some of those questions. The words in them may seem hard sometimes, but they are liberating.


May you all awaken to the divine romance and fulfill the highest goal, the Realization of the Supreme Identity. Make that life count.

(Sriman Narayana)

Watch the video series Igniting the Sacred Fire.



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