The Ark of Dharma

The Ark of Dharma

The Ark of Dharma – The Seeds of the Future

This will be a blessed place, because it will receive Truth Seekers from all over the world, together they will constitute the seeds of the Future. For those Truth Seekers that take refuge in God only, and want to use their life to be close to Sriman Narayana… For those Truth Seekers who have understood that the world is crumbling around them that “modern life” with its values is unsuitable and makes no sense for those who are on the path towards Truth... In The Ark of Dharma all seekers of Truth are welcome, it doesn’t matter if you’re in an ascetic or in a family life. In this Blessed place, all paths towards Truth will be restored. The Ark of Dharma will reveal itself for those Truth Seekers, blessed Souls, who, despite having been walking through the mud have kept purity of their hearts. The Ark of Dharma will be born in Brazil, in the Mantiqueira Ridge, and in India, probably in SriNagar, and wherever else Dharma sees fit.

The Ark of Dharma will embrace Sriman Narayana’s disciples and devotees. A coliving, coworking, self-sustainable spiritual community where daily life centers on Moksha (liberation). A simple lifestyle that supports the spiritual path of the truth seeker, giving him time to dedicate himself to the spiritual disciplines that are important to him in a specific moment, while being close to Sriman Narayana. Different buildings will creat different coliving community environments according to the different needs, (ex: those who are in a family life, and those who are in a secluded life), and seekers will be able to move according to their need and guidance. In the Ark of Dharma the different spiritual practices will be revived to sustain the seekers. In time: healthcare, school for children, etc… It will be an organic structure under Sriman Narayana’s guidance and blessings. Seekers will not be able to possess property in the Ark, and there is no way to buy your way in, everything starts with a pure loving, trusting relationship between the Seeker of Truth and Sriman Narayana. There will be visitors and residents. To become a resident, the mindset as to be that of a renunciant to the outer world, whatever you possess you will give to the Ark.

The Ark of Dharma will rise according to need. If you feel in your heart to be a part of this future directly or indirectly, you can help by donating, and or, sharing this project to others that might have interest, making this a reality for you, and or, others… We are in the beginning stages, welcoming resources, land, etc… It must be a big land, in high grounds, with forests and abundant water, seclude, with clear potential for self-sustainability. Location in Brazil still unknown…


With Love,

The Sangha Family.

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