City of Angels - Brazil

City of Angels - Brazil

Ashram in Brazil

The Ashram in Brazil - City of Angels is located on the top of a mountain in Mantiqueira Ridge, in the county of Soledade de Minas, neighboring the town of São Lourenço, in Minas Gerais state in Brazil. This Ashram was built in a fiery and sacrificial attitude for the sake of Truth, of the Supreme! Each path, each stone, each construction was made with the sole purpose of creating a place for the real Seeker; as a means to find his true and most sacred nature in an authentic and serious way.

It is located in a remote place in Minas Gerais (Brazil), in the heart of a native forest.

The place vibrates with its amazing wildlife that manifests in abundance!

All conditions offered are very simple, emanating pure Love. The everyday routine is based on the main purpose of this place: connecting with its Divine Energy inside of ourselves. The openness to merge with God, the Supreme Bliss! May it be Satsang-Darshan, work, meals, etc -- all activities or non-activities are an opportunity to connect with this Wholeness.

This is a Sacred land waiting for those who are willing to cross the ocean of Maya's illusion, which the only goal is Supreme Happiness and Communion with God. It is a gift from God, Sriman Narayana, the Supreme Consciousness descended. It’s a place that constantly pushes us into self-awareness and self-observation. Its high energetic frequency functions as a doorway for the purification of our Heart, mind and body. It is a place for rescuing the Soul.

With a Heart full of Love,
Sriman's Sangha Family




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