Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a group of seekers of Truth from different ages and different backgrounds that share the same longing for Truth; who have been so fortunate to meet Sriman Narayana along this journey.

All of us were captivated by His veracity, straightforwardness, dedication, resilience, strength, amazing serenity, and the boundless love coming from His presence.

We are brothers and sisters walking the path to Truth; all of us share a deep Deverence, Respect and infinite Gratitude for the Guidance offered by Him.

We are dedicated at Heart to make this same Blessing available to all other brothers and sisters out there seeking a direct and real possibility to find Him: God, Pure Love, Splendor!

We are human beings who have benefited immensely from His divine Fire that burns away illusion. All of us have been through great difficulties in life and with a deep willingness and determination to find the Truth, with His guiding Grace, we were able to transform ourselves. We are, at each step, walking the path to Liberation.


We are here in Service to You,

Brothers and Sisters,

Seekers of the Supreme!




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