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A New Place for Truth Seekers

The Ark of Dharma will be a blessed place, because it will receive Truth Seekers from all over the world, together they will constitute the “Seeds of the Future”. For those Truth Seekers who take refuge in God only, and want to use their life to be close to Sriman Narayana… For those Truth Seekers who have understood that the world is crumbling around them that “modern life” with its values is unsuitable and makes no sense for those who are on the path towards Truth... In The Ark of Dharma all seekers of Truth are welcome, it doesn’t matter if you’re in an ascetic or in a family life. In this Blessed place, all paths towards Truth will be restored. The Ark of Dharma will reveal itself to those Truth Seekers, blessed Souls, who, despite having been walking through the mud have kept purity in their hearts.

The Ark of Dharma will be born in Brazil somewhere along the Mantiqueira Ridge, in a yet to be known place, and in India, probably Srinagar.

City of Angels - Ashram in Brazil


The Ashram City of Angels is located in Brazil on a wide rural area and already has facilities to support practices of seekers, accommodate residents and visitors and support daily activities of a good number of seekers. 

Aiming to accommodate a greater number of seekers, and to offer a environment conducive to spiritual practices, the Ashram is expanding its facilities and infrastructure. Currently there are several fronts being developed:

• Accommodation and Infrastructure

-- Three additional dorm buildings, with double rooms and shared bathrooms, similar to the existing accommodation 

-- Construction of an additional Hatha Yoga practice hall

-- Construction of an additional meditation hall near the male facilities


• Food sustainability

-- Preparation of additional kitchen garden areas and care of fruit trees growing on Ashram land

-- Agroforestry: we are initiating efforts to produce food in the surroundings of Ashram according to concepts of agroforestry. We will have various kinds of organic fruits, roots and vegetables to meet Ashram nourishment needs and those of the surrounding community.


Sharing of His Presence and His Words


• Worldwide Satsangs

 -- Organization of Satsangs in Rishikesh and Tiruvannamalai (India) -- know more about the Satsang schedule


• Sharing of Narayana´s words

-- Worldwide sharing of Narayana's videos

-- Distribution of Narayana's book in national and international bookstores -- purchase the book on-line

Contributions for the Projects

The construction and provision of all existing infrastructure was made possible by the contributions and donations of seekers. All future actions to be performed by the Ashram, especially these projects described above, should also be supported by contributions (seva) and donations of seekers.

If you feel in your heart the desire to make a donation, click here. Or if you feel in your heart the desire to contribute to the Ashram in any other way, please feel free to contact us. 




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